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Services you should offer in a coworking space

If you want to open cowworking, you must ask important question, why, offered services, subscriptions prices. For example, just in Ile-de-France, nine times more coworkings than 5 years ago. Even if, the coworking service is
is in full development, you must attract customers and distinguish themselves from their competitors. We will analyze the the services that it is possible to offer within a coworking.

1 – Provide work equipment and tools


Computer equipment
The first concern of coworkers is to have a workspace, some prefer to have their own equipment (laptops) but it is important to provide solutions so that they can work without worrying about equipment. To expand your clientele, you can offer closed offices or open-space offices. Closed offices will correspond to professions bound by professional secrecy such as lawyers, while open-spaces will suit the self-employed, freelancers or small businesses who are looking for significant synergy effects.
As indicated above, some will come with their computers because they access VPNs requiring certificates or may need to continue work at home. There are two formulas for renting workstations: the resident package and the nomadic package. The resident package consists of providing coworkers with an unlimited reserved and exclusive workstation during opening hours. The coworker pays the same rate each month regardless of the time spent in the coworking. The other plan, the nomad, allows coworkers to pay only for the time spent in the coworking space. They therefore do not have a reserved workstation but settle where they wish within the limits of available places. They then pay by the hour or by the day.
To use the tools, coworkers will also be provided with desks, chairs, printers, scanners, lamps, electrical outlets and even storage space so that coworkers can leave their personal belongings in a secure place. when they are away.

Be able to access the Internet and offer office tools
A coworker satisfies the need for a fast, stable network. You must provide them with a certain number of office automation and communication tools.
The most important for worker is the internet connection, the coworking manager must ensure that he can offer a quality wifi connection regardless of the number of coworkers present in the space.
Coworking can also offer coworkers a printing and photocopying service. The latter will have a significant cost in the operating costs of coworking. Therefore, in order to amortize this cost, this service is offered either for a fee or for free but with a cost most of the time reflected in the price of the monthly plan.
Finally, access to telephone lines can also be a major asset. These can be common to all users. In this case, they will often be in a soundproof room and will mainly allow calls to be made. However, they can also be private and dedicated to a single user. Certain professions that use the telephone intensively or who need to be reached on a different line from their mobile phone may need this type of service.
Another way to stand out from competing coworkings and satisfy coworkers is to provide them with a number of premium services related to their activities and to which they will have self-service access. A 3D printer or laser cutters could, for example, attract a certain number of engineers, while a photo studio will appeal to image specialists. These offers can be included in the monthly plan or offered as an extra.

Meeting rooms
Whether independent coworkers to receive their clients or companies to meet for meetings or brainstorming, everyone will need a meeting room away from the open space at one time or another. . Furnished with large tables, chairs, videoconferencing equipment and flipchart, it is essential in any coworking.

A domiciliation service
Offering a business domiciliation service can also appeal to a large number of coworkers. This service consists of providing a business address to coworkers by allowing them to domicile their business at the coworking address. Thanks to this, they will gain significant credibility vis-à-vis their customers and prospects and will no longer be disturbed at their personal home. If you want to know more about the measures to be put in place to be able to offer a business domiciliation service, read our article dedicated to this subject.

Marketing and accounting services
In order to allow coworkers to devote themselves completely to their activity without having to worry about their accounting or their marketing strategy, you can offer them to take care of it for them at preferential rates. This then supposes for you to set up a partnership with an accounting firm or a communication agency.

2 – A pleasant and warm decoration so that the occupants are relaxed in this workspace

A pleasant decoration
Beyond the services immediately linked to the workstation, it is important to provide a certain number of services to coworkers so that they can feel good in their workspace. In this sense, you can offer within your premises, a decoration full of charm. Indeed, a space where the decoration will be worked and pleasant will make coworkers want to come and work every morning in your space. If you are located in a place with character, take the opportunity to create an atypical atmosphere, as this can be a real asset! Similarly, make your coworking a little more vegetal by decorating it with lots of green plants (it seems that this would even increase concentration and productivity!).

A dining and relaxation room
Outside working hours, most coworkers will be delighted to find ways to relax within coworking itself. The provision of dining and relaxation areas is therefore something highly appreciated by coworkers. These spaces will also contribute to creating a community and a friendly atmosphere within your coworking.

The kitchen area can be arranged so that the coworkers have the possibility of cooking during the meal break. For this, you can offer a fridge, microwaves, hotplates, ovens, tables and chairs as well as crockery. It is also possible to offer within the coworking a service of sale of food and drinks in order to satiate your coworkers when they have a little peckish.

Relaxation areas where coworkers will find sofas, coffee machines and even why not table football, a pool table, a ping-pong table or a gym are also essential spaces in a coworking. So that they can get back to work in good conditions after an intensive sports session, you can also provide coworkers with showers. Finally, if you are lucky enough to have outdoor spaces, share them with coworkers. For example, it is quite possible to set up a vegetable garden on a terrace or in a garden.

Organization of conferences, training and events
In order to make your coworking more lively, think about proposing animations. From breakfasts and afterworks with colleagues to conferences, through yoga or fitness classes, the opportunities are numerous.

Let us then dwell a little more on the training courses that will constitute an important competitive advantage for your coworking. Coworkers, whether self-employed or entrepreneurs, may feel the need to train without necessarily having the means or the time. Therefore, offering training in areas close to their activities, at their workplace and at preferential rates will most certainly appeal to many coworkers who will then opt for your coworking. The training themes can be varied: Introduction to the use of WordPress, the Adobe suite, or social networks; discovery of the basics of SEO; learning accounting; stress management. These trainings can be carried out by speakers or by coworkers.

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